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RAD RACE LAST MAN STANDING, Berlin 22.03.2014 from RAD RACE on Vimeo.

The first RAD RACE is history and it was a fucking blast! Thx to all riders, spectators, bike crews, partners and especially to our friends for helping us out, traveling to Berlin and making this race something really special. It means the world to us!!! MDL!!! Hope you enjoyed the show!! Special Thanks to 8bar bikes!! It was Stefan’s idea to have a race like this in Berlin, so please give him some props!

Music: THE DUKES „Cold Love”
Massive THX to THE DUKES & Florian Joeckel // guilty76 artist management

Trailer directed by LI33 (Contact: on March 22 2013.
Concept, Camera, Art Direction, Production: LI33, Etienne Heinrich & Benjamin Zurek, Hendrik Tuhl.

Pro-Folio from Sures Kumar TS on Vimeo. is a HOAX project created by Sures Kumar as a part of a Scientific Hoax project at the Royal College of Art, London. This video captures the making of

More details can be found here

Sound: Tim Pulver
Thanks: Zoe Hough

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